GoogleのCEO、Eric Schmidt氏が4月4日付で辞任し、後任に共同創業者の一人Larry Page氏が就任することになった。なぜSchmidt氏は辞任するのか。自ら辞任を決めたのか。辞任に追い込まれたのだろうか。


 恐らく共同創業者のSergey Brin氏、Larry Page氏、Eric Schmidt氏の3人で合意に達したのだろうという見方が主流だ。


 まさしく「Why did Eric Schmidt step down as CEO of Google?(なぜSchmidt氏はGoogleのCEOを辞任したのか」というそのものの設問があった。回答しているのはDonald Wilson氏という起業家。なかなか的を得た意見だと思うので以下に紹介したい。

Google, by its own admission, has failed to deliver on social networking. This opinion is shared by many technology pundits who expound the dire consequences of this on a daily basis. グーグルはソーシャルの領域で成功できていない。

Corporations are like political parties in many ways. As soon as there is a problem that has the potential to erode its power — perceived or real — the leader is replaced in order to subdue the detractors.企業は政党のようなもの。問題が発生すれば権力が低下する。それを避けるためにトップを交代する。

The message they are delivering is: Larry Page, our proven, technology driven leader has reclaimed the mayorship of Google and this should give everyone (i.e. shareholders) confidence we will deliver something amazing (profitable) in social networking. Just like our glory days of search dominance. Just look at what happened to Apple when Steve Jobs returned.

Unfortunately, It will not be easy for Larry Page to hit a second home run. Without diminishing his extraordinary past accomplishments at Google and my admiration of the man, the past competitors he faced in search were not as focused than those he faces in social networking today. Just ask MySpace.とはいうものペイジ氏が二度目のホームランを打つのは容易なことではない。

Leaving a former CEO in as chairman is typically a way of convincing shareholders that the old CEO approves of the new one. He’s “on board.” In reality, he has no power other than to vote at board meetings.前職のCEOを会長職に留めることはよくある話。前CEOが新CEOを承認していることを示すため。だが実際には前CEOに実権はなくなるだろう。




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