Automatic Advertising Display Optimization Technology [Iogous] Sets Its Sights on the World


written by Tsuruaki Yukawa
Bloger in Chief of TechWave

Fringe 81’s Automatic Advertising Display Optimization Technology [Iogous] has taken out 3rd prize at the Infinity Venture Summit.

Several advertising display designs are produced, with similar specifications, and tested for the highest click-through ratios. The technology then allows for the one with the highest click-through ratio to be adopted.

Indeed, Iogous is designed with catchcopy wording and colours that can automatically generate about 10,000 unique patterns. The technique of selecting the highest click-through rate design is based on this ability to automatically generate many designs. What might otherwise be a long process can now produce a polished and effective design automatically.

A selection of top media companies, including 20 advertising firms, have recently tested the technology, and have seen a 1.8 fold increase in click-through rates. The President of Fringe 81, Mr Gen Tanaka, expressed his intention to promote this technology world-wide.

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